Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Alok & FractaLL Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD].

Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Alok & FractaLL Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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We're excited to announce @mixunion by @mixfeedru & @theartistunion ! Our first track is an absolute scorcher of a remix from @livealok & @fractallmusic for @infectedmushroom. As Brazilian Bass continues to take over the electronic music scene, @fractallmusic and @livealok continue to impress with their phat synths and flawless production! ■ REPOST SUBMISSION ► [email protected] □ Follow The Artist Union www.theartistunion.com @artistunionnoire @theartistunion @artistunion facebook.com/theartistunionofficial twitter.com/theartistunion open.spotify.com/user/theartistunion YouTube: bit.ly/29X7Skq Follow Mix Feed www.mixfeed.ru @mixfeedru @featurepr @mixfeed @zer0day @properpr facebook.com/mixfeedru twitter.com/mixfeedru open.spotify.com/user/mixfeed YouTube: bit.ly/2h4Iwk0 New channel by Mix Feed & The Artist Union


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