Okie Geek Ep. 79: Underground Monster Carnival 2017.

Okie Geek Ep. 79: Underground Monster Carnival 2017

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The Okie Geek Podcast is excited to talk once again to Art Sunday about the 2017 Underground Monster Carnival going on Saturday March 4 at the State Fairgrounds from 1pm to 9pm. The convention is a celebration of all things geeky from the commonplace to the unusual especially focused on local talent, You can find out more athttp://www.undergroundmonstercarnival.com/ We also talk to Art about his new band: They Act Human which you can hear right here on SoundCloud athttps://soundcloud.com/user-662357647 This music is an amazing instrumental mix from classic movies to video games. And, Art is selling the CDs at the Underground Monster Carnival.


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