Racionais Mc's - Jesus Chorou FREE DOWNLOAD.

Racionais Mc's - Jesus Chorou FREE DOWNLOAD

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Jesus cry [...] Invisible enemy, colorless Judas I've chased was born, it took Only 30 currency Brother corrupted Cast the first stone who has my trail Where's my smile? Where will you? Who stole? Humanity is bad and even Jesus wept Tears, tears Jesus cried Red and blue, hotel Flashes only on dark sky gray Rain falls outside and increases the pace Alone, I am now my intimate enemy Bad memories come, good thoughts will Help me alone I think shit carai People who believe, like and admire Fought for justice and peace, he took shot Malcolm X, Ghandi, Lennon, Marvin Gaye Che Guevara, 2Pac, Bob Marley And the evangelical Martin Luther King I remembered one of my trout to say: ? Do not throw pearls before swine, brother, plays wash They prefer well, tha have to use piolhagem! Christ died for millions But just walked with only 0:01 faltered Periphery: empty bodies and unethical Crowd the pagoda, heading to the electric chair I know, you know what frustration Villain maker I think thousand tape, I'll go crazy And the lice says so when he sees me: ? Famous for carai, tough! Ih, trout! Does your world, not jão! Life is short Only model around giving ox Add them to suck and then sends floor Tear the mornings only eleven hundred If I, trout, has anybody! John Doe is the dog, have these defects What? Cê whether or not they grow eyes anyway Crossing, cê breaks Of repentemente, go, forty point Just want to, it's in the comb In just thinking about killing, has killed I'd rather hear the pastor ? My son, do not envy the violent man Nor do any of his ways? Tears Waters medal winner Cry now laugh later Then Jesus wept Tears'


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