Racionais Mc's - Negro Drama (Black Drama)FREE DOWNLOAD.

Racionais Mc's - Negro Drama (Black Drama)FREE DOWNLOAD

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https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racionais_MC's https://soundcloud.com/racionaismc NEGRO DRAMA, Between success and mud, Money, problems, Envy, luxury, fame, NEGRO DRAMA, Curly hair, And dark skin, The wound to wound, The search for a cure, NEGRO DRAMA, Try to see, And you do not see anything, Unless a star, Away through dim, Feel the Drama, The price, billing, In love, hatred, The insane revenge, NEGRO DRAMA, I know who plot And who is with me, The trauma that I carry, Not to be another Fucked Black, The drama of the chain and Favela, Grave, blood, Siren, cries and candles, Passenger Brazil, Sao Paulo, Agony that survive, In half Dolly and cowardice, Peripheries, alleys and tenements, You should're thinking, What you have to do with it, From the beginning, For gold and silver, Look who dies, So you see who kills, Receives merit, uniform, Who does evil, see me, poor, imprisoned or dead, It is cultural, Stories, records, written, Not tale, Or fable, Legend or myth,


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